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Some of our Links and Resources:

American Dahlia Society website.

Raising Beautiful Dahlias The Easy Way edited by Richard W. Peters, M.D.; American Dahlia Society publication.

The Colorado Dahlia Society website: another very thorough dahlia resource.

Dan's Dahlias - (Oakville, WA). Watch for Dan's new website using our photos, around August 1st !!

The Growing World of Dahlias. Fantastically comprehensive site, by researcher and author-lecturer Dave Bates, on the history, classifications, and encyclopedic knowledge of Dahlias !! Contains a wealth of information and further links -- a terrific site from the U.K.

San Francisco Dahlia Society - Our home Society in San Francisco, who plant and maintain the amazing Dahlia Dell in Golden Gate Park.

American Daffodil Society - Includes an array of resources on daffodils and growing them.

DaffSeek - Daffodil Photo Database, sponsored by the American Daffodil Society - A vast interactive compendium of daffodil varieties, their origins, complete with classification and photos. A MUST !!!

American Iris Society website.

Schreiner's Gardens - (Salem, OR). Wonderful Iris hybridizer and grower, with a public display garden that features not only their irises (and currently many of those from outside the Northwest and the U.S.), but also Clematis, Rhododendrons, Columbines, Pansies, Daffodils, Tulips, Poppies, and a wealth of colors and scents!!

The Hawk Conservancy Trust - Andover, Hampshire (UK). Great people, wonderful commitment to Education and Rehabilitation; sponsors of photo contest.

The Hummingbird Society website, specializing in preservation and identification of hummingbirds (has great photos!).

Realtor Barbara Gullion of Herth Real Estate (San Francisco), for whom some of our residential real estate photos have been taken.

Quick Stop Photo - our lab resource in Portland, OR (great people, great prices -- use their upload features and try them out!).

Redimat website: suppliers of terrific mat board, mounting board and other photographic supplies. Super prices, outstanding quality, and just wonderful people.

U.S. Copyright Office website.

Copyright.Com : more basics, perspectives, and FAQ's about copyrights in the U.S..