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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about this site, our products and our services, and provide the answers here. If you need additional information contact us using the form on this site, and we will answer (and maybe even post the answer here as well!).

Regarding this new site, I used to have Private Favorites tagged on your old site's format. How do I retrieve these ??

I have made screenshots of all Favorites galleries and am happy to install them for you on this site (or e-mail them to you). If you need further assistance, please contact me directly.

Why do I need to set up my own Lightbox Account with your site ??

In order to get the most use of this site, such as the ability to return and see what you have placed in your own "favorites" folder, track your past orders, and be recognized as a returning customer, you will need to establish your own individualized Lightbox gallery. Merely click on
My Account, follow the screenprompts, choose your own password, and you'll be set to go !

Can I pay through a PayPal account ?

Yes, we accept PayPal account payments for our work and merchandise.

Are the photographs on this site original or are they from some other source ??

All photographs available on this site have been taken and edited by the photographer himself; at this point in time, they are not available through any other source.

I really like a certain photograph, but I want it in a different medium than the ones that I'm seeing available on your site. Can you meet my needs ??

Please contact us and let us know what you require -- in general, we will find the best solution to meet that need, and fill your order.

Can I make my own postcards or notecards from your photographs ??

Since our work is copyrighted, we alone own the right to distribute, re-format, 'Photoshop', alter graphically, or otherwise mount any of our photos. We are happy, however, to provide you with the service that you seek, and to supply you with the finished product for your needs.

I think I know what large prints I wish to order, but I need to see them at higher resolutions just to 'be sure'. Can you provide me with larger examples ?

We can provide them to you for a fee as non-reproduceable, protected high-resolution electronic files (on CD-ROM), each typically up to 3000 x 2000 pixels in size (6.0 Meg resolution). We do not send out printed materials prior to actual purchase.

I really like the way you see and capture a moment and event; however, I do not see my favorite subject matter among your selections. Can you shoot photographs for me, specifically ??

We often accept requests to do specific 'shoots' for clients, especially if it lies within the possible and realistic. Please contact us with your ideas, requirements, timeframe, and possible use so that we may best quote you a schedule for delivery, and its corresponding fees. Do keep in mind that we are not an indoors studio photographer, but have experience in shooting photographs outdoors (people as well as Nature and Architecture). We also do photography for Real estate Sales.

In some cases, merely seeing a gathering interest in a subject matter will generate in us a series of photoshoots to meet that need; however, we will always adhere to our (and your) quality requirements rather than merely 'rush' to produce a project for its own sake.

I want to use several of your photographs in a commercial setting. Can we reach an agreement together to serve both our needs ??

Yes; absolutely. Contact me re the details, and let us find a solution that works well for both of us. Our project with Dan's Dahlias came from such a collaboration, and several of our photographs are used by the ADS on its own site, as well as on the back cover of its 2006 publication Growing Guide (Richard W. Peters, M.D.'s Raising Beautiful Dahlias The Easy Way)

I see a lot of Nature photography on this site. Do you do commercial work as well ?

I actually do photography for a variety of venues, including Real Estate, Portraiture, Sports Photography, and Still Life. Nature is my first passion, but the interplay of light and form is my chosen medium.

Do you offer photo-tours which would allow others to join you on-location and share in the projects which you're currently working on ?

Yes; periodic projects occur during the work year. If you have a group that wants a specific project to take place, else if you are an organization that wishes to bring about a project to promote its own mission (we can even forge a partnership to sell photos on your group's behalf and / or support fund), please contact me directly through this site's Contact form